Day 2

What did you do today?
- Today, we completed the last experiment which was to extract and identify artificial colours. To do so, we had to complete different sets of procedures to extract the artificial colourings from m&m candies. After this experiment, the TAs and Professor Bonnani selected the project they thought was the best.

What did you learn today?
- I learnt how to identify and extract artificial colouring from candies and also how to use different methods to do so. I learnt that different solutions had different uses and could utilised in many different ways to get the results we need.

How did you feel about today's activities?
- I think that the knowledge I have gained from today will aid me a lot in future chemistry experiments and will allow me to have a deeper understanding of the subject. All in all, I really enjoyed the activities today and they will serve as an adequate experience to further my learning.

What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
- I have no questions regarding discipline. 

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